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Across the Northern Territory and Regional Queensland, MSJ is the caring family team that go above and beyond to provide personalised services to individuals within the NDIS and Child Protection Services.

MSJ has a wealth of experience when it comes to supporting people with disabilities and young persons in residential care. We take pride in our culturally appropriate services, which ensure that each individual is treated with the utmost respect and understanding.

Our staff are passionate about providing quality care and support, which has resulted in many positive outcomes for the participants and young persons in our care.


Disability Supports & Services

MSJ are a registered NDIS service provider offering a range of disability supports and services to agency managed, plan managed and self-managed participants. Our aim is to help people with disabilities get through the challenges of life, whether that is attending routine medical appointments, meeting with friends for coffee or going to a movie. We feel it is our responsibility to help empower participants to engage within their communities, to gain confidence in choosing to make their own decisions whilst ensuring they are in a safe environment with support on hand ready to assist.

Our team members are both passionate and dedicated, we go above and beyond what is expected. We understand the importance of being culturally sensitive to those we care for, ensuring fun is had along the way. We believe this is what separates MSJ from others.

All MSJ services are designed to align with your individual goals, we work closely with your specialists to ensure we have all the necessary information to provide high quality, personalised care.

Child & Youth Protection Services

This is at the heart of MSJ and how it all began. with our core fundamental values based around family, it is very important to us that we provide an environment where children and young person’s feel safe and secure. We understand the importance and the necessity to connect our young people in care to their families and culture as these factors significantly influence how and why they make decisions.

MSJ recognises that many of the young persons in Residential Care (Out of Home Care) are aged between 12-17yrs and have experienced some form of neglect, trauma, or abuse which can have a detrimental effect on a child or young person's physical, emotional and mental health, development and wellbeing.

Our care framework is based on the evidence-informed Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) model which assists MSJ in preventing crises from occurring, de-escalating potential crises, managing acute physical behaviour, reducing potential and actual injury to young people and staff, teaching young people adaptive coping skills, and developing a learning organisation.

What Participant's Say!